How can you take care your nail after manicure at nail salon?



La Diva Nails Bar - How can you take care your nail after manicure at nail salon?

Can you Ombre with shellac?
It is possible to ombre a shellac colours with a powder. For example, paint the whole nail in bicycle yellow and then blend a neon orange powder onto the top half of the nail.

Can you remove dip nails at home?
To take off dip powder using acetone, start by filing the shiny top coat layer off the nail to break the seal. Next, Terrell says to soak your nails in a bowl of acetone for 10-15 minutes. ... Once all of your fingers have soaked, take an acetone-soaked cotton ball and wipe any remaining powder off of your nails.

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How can you take care your nail after manicure at nail salon?
After manicure, you should apply moisturizer regularly to keep your hands soft, wear gloves when cleaning the house and avoid contact with strong bleach solutions.

You probably already know, taking care of your nails is just as important as taking care of your hands. A strong, shiny nail will help your pearly hands to be more charming.
If you are a trendy lady who likes to change her nail polish color frequently, the best nail care tips are what you are always looking for. Through this article, La Diva Nails Bar wants to share with you the easiest, practical and most effective nail care methods in the days approaching the holiday.

To maintain healthy nails, daily cleaning is extremely necessary. Every day, hands have to come into contact with many different things that make bacteria easy to accumulate. Therefore, you should clean your nails at least once a day to ensure that they are always clean. Use a soft brush to wet and gently rub the nail to clean the nail, "dispel" dirt.

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Biotin is a nutrient known for its ability to keep nails strong and shiny. In addition to taking care of the outside, you also need to nourish your nails from deep inside.
Foods such as liver, eggs, cauliflower, avocado, peanuts, sweet potatoes… are rich sources of biotin. Similar to hair, nails are also made up of a horny substance called keratin.
Therefore, in addition to adding biotin, you should add to your daily diet foods such as salmon, mackerel, etc. Besides, vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium are also essential nutrients to help strengthen nails. healthier and brighter.

This is a method that not only helps you nourish your nails but also stimulates nail growth. Apply moisturizing or nail care products to your nails and massage gently.
The nutrients in the product will moisturize and soften the skin epidermis. Meanwhile, the massage stimulates blood circulation, helping nails grow longer and stronger.

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